Heat-related illness resources inform stakeholder extreme heat planning

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Background Information

There is increased interest in statewide preparedness for the public health impacts of climate change. Local public health agencies requested a more coordinated response from the state. In anticipation of more extreme heat days and subsequent heat-related illness, CO Tracking used heat-related illness data to develop an infographic as a communication tool and expand on its HRI dashboard, and circulated these materials among extreme heat stakeholders for feedback and awareness.

What was CO Tracking’s role?

Colorado Tracking used heat-related illness data to create an infographic and a new dashboard to share with the public and stakeholders for education on heat-related illness and extreme heat. These, along with existing materials including Tracking data, were shared with extreme heat stakeholders to gather feedback and provide awareness of existing resources.

What product or output came from CO Tracking’s role?

The heat-related illness infographic, dashboard and data were used by local public health officials in Mesa County, CO as a resource to inform the development of their Extreme Heat plan.

What action or decision was taken to resolve the problem?

County-level extreme heat plan was informed by Tracking heat-related illness data and new resources.