About us


Mission Statement: To provide communities in Colorado with relevant, accurate and accessible web-based data on environmental health hazards and related health effects.

The Colorado Environmental Public Health Tracking program (Colorado Tracking) provides a web-based surveillance system that features health and environmental data. Colorado Tracking is part of the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. Colorado Tracking was created in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This partnership makes data on environmental hazards, human exposure to those hazards and health effects easier to find and use. Public health surveillance or public health tracking is a way to monitor the health of communities over time. This is commonly done for infectious diseases, such as flu or West Nile virus. Collecting this information over time makes it possible to see trends and patterns, as well as changes in those trends and patterns. Tracking environmental hazards, exposures and health effects can also help researchers investigate how the environment affects health.

On this website you can:

  • Explore health and environmental data by topic, county and year

  • Generate custom tables, charts and maps

  • View reports for certain environmental hazards, exposures and health effects in Colorado

  • View trends in data over time

  • Find links to national and Colorado specific resources on health and environmental topics

  • Submit requests to access more detailed data through a secure Colorado Tracking portal

Data on other health and environmental topics will continue to be added. In addition to building and maintaining this web-based surveillance system, Colorado Tracking contributes data to the national network. This contribution makes information accessible to public health workers, policymakers, healthcare providers, environmental practitioners, and the general public.